You asked: What do Indian readers like to read?

What do Indians like to read?

Indians mostly love reading romantic novels, mythology retold according to the present generation, writings of famous people like Nandan Nilekani, Amartya Sen, Sashi Tharoor amd also biographies of famous personalities.

Do people in India like to read books?

A recent study puts India at the top of the heap as far as reading is concerned. The average Indian is spending more that 10 hours reading books per week, so says a survey that puts India on top in comparison with other countries like China and the US; and the average Brit spends only about five hours reading books.

Which genre of books sell the most in India?

Data for the week ending 6th November 2021

Rank Name of the Book Genre
1 400 Days Romance & Sagas
2 Alchemist,The General & Literary Fiction
3 One Arranged Murder Crime, Thriller & Adventure
4 Over My Dead Body: William Warwick Novels Crime, Thriller & Adventure

What kind of books do Indians read?

According to some statistics, Indians mostly read adventure fiction, self-help books and romance novels.

How many book readers are in India?

that this figure of 150k readers represents about 30% of the possible number. So…. About 500,000 people in India — or half a million — which is not half bad.

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How many more hours per week do people in India spend reading than people in the United States?

Each week, the average Indian reads for 10 hours, 42 minutes. Americans read books only about half that amount: 5 hours and 42 minutes. Interestingly, Americans and Germans spend exactly the same amount of time reading.

How many books are there in India?

List of countries

Rank Country Titles
8 India 90,000
9 Spain 89,962
10 Germany 79,916
11 Turkey 75,667

What is a bestseller in India?

A bestseller could be defined as a book that sells at least 10,000 copies every year. Any book genre can be a bestseller, but there are some books that sell more than others.

How many books make a bestseller?

What does it take to be named a best-seller? The general consensus is that if you want to make your way onto a best-seller list, any best-seller list, you have to sell at least 5,000 books in a week, or maybe 10,000. Beyond that, things get complicated depending on which list you’re looking to end up on.