You asked: Which is the second oldest cricket stadium in India?

Which is the second smallest cricket stadium in India?

List of Smallest Cricket Stadium in India (by capacity)

No. Stadium Name Capacity
1 Madhavrao Scindia Cricket Ground 15,000
2 Roop Singh Stadium 18,000
3 Brabourne Stadium 20,000
4 K. D. Singh Babu Stadium 22,000

Which is the oldest cricket ground in the world?

Mitcham Cricket Green is a cricket ground in Mitcham, south London (historically in Surrey). It is the home of Mitcham Cricket Club and is reportedly the oldest cricket ground still in use, having been used for cricket since 1685.

Who hit the longest six in history?

The official record for the longest six in cricket history belongs to Australia’s Brett Lee, who crossed the rope by some 130-135 meters.

Going, going, gone! The biggest six in cricket.

No. 1
Player Shahid Afridi
Team Pakistan
Distance (metres) 158m (unofficial)
Year 2013

Which is the biggest stadium in India?

Current grounds

Stad Capacity Game(s)
Narendra Modi Stadium 132,000 Cricket
Salt Lake Stadium 85,000 Athletics, Football
Eden Gardens 80,000 Cricket
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium 65,000 Athletics, Football

Who was the first Test captain of India?

Test match captains

Indian Test match captains
Number Name Location
1 CK Nayudu India
2 Maharajkumar of Vizianagram England

Who is the oldest player to play cricket?

The five oldest cricketers James Anderson played international cricket with

  • Alec Stewart, 57 years & 306 days. …
  • Nasser Hussain, 52 years & 317 days. …
  • Andy Caddick, 52 years & 79 days. …
  • Martin Bicknell, 52 years & 25 days. …
  • Shaun Udal, 51 years & 327 days.
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