Your question: How many rupees are there in 25 paise?

How much is 25 paise worth now?

New Delhi: If you come across any rare and old 25 paise coin at your home, don’t throw it away. These coins have a chance of getting you Rs 1.5 lakh. This might sound strange to you, but it is true.

How many 25 paise coins will make Rupees 10?

4×10=40 coins of 25 paisa.

How do I sell 25 paise coins?

If you have such a coin and you want to sell it, then first you go to the Quikr website and register. From there you can sell your coin according to the terms of payment and delivery. Along with this, you can also do bargaining on this platform. Bids are also placed on of old coins and notes.

How do I exchange 25 paise?

If you manage to find the 25 paisa coin then all you have to do is click the photo the 25 paisa coin and upload the photo on where people take part in auction. The person who will put in maximum bidding will take the coin. You are allowed to negotiate with the buyer.

How do you write 30 paise?

30 paise = 0.30 rupee.

How many 20 paise coins will make 5 rupees?

∴ Rs 1 comprises of five 20 paise coins. Thus, twenty five 20 paise will make five rupees.

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