Your question: What are the 3 periods of Indian history?

What is the period of ancient history of India?

Shakeel Anwar

Phase Time Period
Chalcolithic Age 1800 to 1000 BC
Iron Age 1000 BC onward
Indus Valley Civilisation 2900 to 1700 BC
Vedic Period 1500 to 600 BC

How history is divided into periods?

Periodized human history is commonly divided into three main eras – Ancient, Post-classical, and Modern.

Which eras are used in India?

‘Shalivahan Shaka’ and ‘Vikram Samvat’ are two eras that are used in .

How many parts are there in Indian history?

Indian history is divided into three different parts – Ancient Indian history, Medieval Indian history and Modern Indian history. The ancient people of India have a continuous civilization since the pre historic age of 40001 BC, when the first people of the World began to live.

Which is oldest Indian era?

Indus Valley Civilisation

The Bronze Age in the Indian subcontinent began around 3300 BCE. Along with Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the Indus valley region was one of three early cradles of civilization of the Old World.

Which period is known as medieval period?

The Middle Ages, the medieval period of European history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance, are sometimes referred to as the “Dark Ages.”

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What are the two main periods of history?

The time in history can be divided into two main periods- Prehistoric period and Historic period.