Your question: What is the car registration fee in Delhi?

How much is the registration fee for car in Delhi?

RTO Registration Charges in Delhi

In Delhi, a new car costing up to Rs. 6 Lakh has to pay 4% tax for petrol, and a diesel car buyer has to pay 5%. From 6 Lakh to 10 Lakh, petrol cars are charged 7%, and diesel cars are charged 8.75%.

How much is registration fee for car in India?

Registration renewal fees hiked

The fees for registration renewal of a car older than 15 years will be Rs 5,000 as against Rs 600 currently. Similarly, the fees for old bikes will be Rs 1,000, while it currently costs Rs 300.

Which state has highest RTO tax?

Road tax on passenger vehicles is the highest in Karnataka, across all price slabs. Overall, road tax is more than 10% in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

How can I register my car in Delhi?

Documents Required To Register a Motor Vehicle in Delhi

  1. Duly Filled form 20.
  2. Sales certificate/Form 21 issued by the dealer of the vehicle.
  3. PAN Card or Form 60 & 61 (as applicable.
  4. Form 34 (signed by the financer & owner)
  5. Roadworthiness certificate/Form 22 issued by the manufacturer.
  6. Motor Insurance (self-attested copy)
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How long does it take to register a car in Delhi?

One of the key things to note here is that you must pay road tax to the state government to which you are moving. Calculate the road tax amount for the state and pay the same. Once you submit all the documents, the whole processing might take up to 15 days and a new registration number will be issued.

Which state has the highest vehicle registration fees in India?

In the two-wheeler category too, these three States topped with highest registrations — Uttar Pradesh registering 2,36,713, Maharashtra with 1,51,265 and Tamil Nadu 1,31,092. In the passenger-vehicle category, the States with highest registrations were Uttar Pradesh (34,249), Maharashtra (31,871) and Gujarat (21,929).

Which state has cheapest car registration fees in India?

Cheapest states to own a car in India

  • Puducherry. …
  • Chandigarh. …
  • Himachal Pradesh. …
  • Daman & Diu. …
  • Jammu & Kashmir. …
  • Assam. …
  • Gujarat. Hyundai Creta’s 1.5 E Diesel costs Rs 11.68 Lakhs (on-road Ahmedabad). …
  • Jharkhand. Hyundai Creta’s 1.5 E Diesel costs Rs 11.27 Lakhs (on-road Ranchi, Jharkhand).

What is RTO charges while buying a car?

Cars priced under Rs. 10.0 Lakh: CNG – 7%, Petrol – 11%, Diesel – 13% Cars priced between Rs. 10.0 – 20.0 Lakh: Petrol – 12%, Diesel – 14% Cars priced above Rs. 20.0 Lakh: Petrol – 13%, Diesel – 15% If car is purchased under Company Name, Road Tax is above 20%