Your question: Which city is Banana city of India?

Which state in India is the largest producer of banana?

Production(000 Tonnes)

Sr No. State Production
1 Andhra Pradesh 5,003.07
2 Gujarat 4,472.32
3 Maharashtra 4,209.27

Which state is called fruit basket of India?

Himachal Pradesh is known as “Fruit basket of India”.

Which state banana is best in India?

Map of Top 10 Banana Producing States in India

Rank State Name Production- (000MT)
1 Tamil Nadu 5136.2
2 Gujarat 4523.49
3 Maharashtra 3600
4 Andhra Pradesh 3242.797

Which country is famous for banana?

India. India is the world’s biggest Banana-Producing Country in 2019. Accumulatively, its total banana production reaches 30.8 million tons with a planted area of around 800 thousand hectares.

Where are bananas grown in India?

Banana contributes 37% to total fruit production in India. Banana occupy 20% area among the total area under crop in India. Maharashtra ranks second in area and first in productivity in India. Jalgaon is a major Banana growing district in Maharashtra which occupy 50,000 hectares area under Banana.

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