Your question: Which silk is famous in Bangalore?

What is blended Bangalore silk?

Silk and blended silk are very similar in appearance, texture, and strength. Blended silk is seen as a cheaper alternative that is more durable due to its mixed fabric. The blended fabric increases antimicrobial properties, air permeability, and UV protection. Mixed silk can be used as a great alternative.

Is Mysore silk mulberry silk?

Coming from a state that is one of the largest mulberry silk producers in the country, Mysore silk sarees are renowned for their extraordinary sheen, exquisite zari work and lightweight fabric.

Which town is silk town in Karnataka?

Ramanagara is well known for its sericulture, and is nicknamed Silk Town and Silk City . The silk produced in this region forms the input for the famous Mysore Silk. Ramanagara is the largest market for silk cocoons in Asia. 50 tonnes of cocoon a day arrive at the town.

Why is Karnataka famous for mulberry silk?

Karnataka is the home of mulberry silk. It is the largest producer of silk in India. It produces 9,000 metric tons of mulberry silk of a total of 14,000 metric tons produced in the country. It produces nearly 70% of the country’s total mulberry silk.

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