Your question: Who was Hiuen Tsang when he visited India?

Who was Hiuen Tsang short answer?

Hiuen Tsang was a Chinese pilgrim who came to India in the first half of the Seventh Century A.D. in order to visit the places of pilgrimage associated with Buddha. He stayed here for 15 years during which he travelled widely and closely observed the country and its people.

Who was Hiuen Tsang Why did he come to India?

After finding some contradictions in the text books on Buddhism, he decided to travel to India in search of true explanations, as India was the birthplace of Buddha. After reaching India, he spent 17 years of his life here. During his entire stay Hsuan Tsang was traveling, exploring, imbibing and learning.

Who was Hiuen Tsang and why he is famous?

Hsüan Tsang (ca. 602-664) was the most famous Chinese Buddhist pilgrim and traveler in India and a translator of Buddhist texts. His “Hsi-yü Chi,” or “Record of Western Countries,” remains an indispensable source book to students of 7th-century India and central Asia.

Who was Hiuen Tsang short answer 6?

Answer: Hiuen Tsang was a Buddhist traveller who came to India during the reign of Harsha. He spent more than eight years in India and wrote a detailed account about polity of Harsha – his administration and his people.

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Who was Fa-Hien and Hiuen Tsang?

Since he stayed in India for 14 long years, his accounts reflect what ancient India must have been once. Fa-Hien is a Foreign Envoy who visited India at the time of Chandragupta II, known as Vikramaditya. He was a Chinese pilgrim. Fa-Hien was the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India.

Why is Hiuen Tsang famous for?

Hiuen Tsang Account of Brahmanical Education:

Hiuen Tsang testifies to the ascendancy of Brahmanism as a result of the impetus given to it by the official support of the Gupta emperors. He also noticed the growth and extension of the Mahayana schools of Buddhism.

What is the meaning of Hiuen Tsang?

Bonfire or Guy Fawkes Night.

Who wrote biography of Hiuen Tsang?

Translated in the mid-nineteenth century by Samuel Beal, this gripping account of a scholars journeys takes us across seventeen years of travel through the Gobi desert, to the ancient monasteries of Kabul, and finally to the hotbed of Buddhism, India.