How can I go to Daman from Mumbai by train?

How can I go to Daman by train?

By Train: The nearest located railway station is at Vapi which is 12 kilometres away from Daman. Ahmedabad and Mumbai are the two railway station of the western railways which are very close to Daman.

How can I go to Daman from Mumbai?

The cheapest way to reach from Mumbai to Daman is train to Dahanu Road, then cab to Daman and takes 3h 38m. The fastest way to reach from Mumbai to Daman is cab to Daman and takes 3h 18m. The recommended way to reach from Mumbai to Daman is cab to Daman and takes 3h 18m. Cabs from Gozo, Ryde etc.

Does Daman have a railway station?

The nearest railway station is in Vapi which is around 10 km away from the city. Daman is well connected with all the major cities of the country such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Dehradun, Ernakulam, Jaipur, Jammu and Kalka.

Is Daman safe?

YES, Daman is safe for women/ girls travelling alone. Just follow some basic precautions like being back to the hotel before nightfall. Which beach is better – Jampore or Devka? Jampore Beach is better because as its cleaner, has many food and activity options.

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Why is Daman famous?

Daman lies at the mouth of the Daman Ganga River. … It is also famous for its beach, Portuguese colonial architecture, churches, and for the scenic beauty in the twin towns of Nani-Daman and Moti-Daman, which lie opposite each other across the Daman Ganga.

Which is better Goa or Diu?

Goa may have sun and surf, food galore and a happening night life, but Diu is the place you need to be in if you are tired of the excess Goa boasts of. Festa De Diu, Asia’s longest beach festival is currently on and this is one island vacation you shouldn’t miss this winter. Okay, so I am a big beach fan.

Is Ola available in Daman?

Tourist can also hire ola cab, meru cab, savaari taxi service to travel in and around Daman.

Which is best Daman or Diu?

In addition to above reply, Daman is industrial town while Diu is completely tourist destination. Diu should be preferred for your 5-6 days leisure trip.

How can I reach Daman by flight?

By Air. The local airport in the Nani Daman area (also known as the Little Daman) is the nearest domestic airport to the city. This airport has regular flights to Mumbai and Baroda. Mumbai International Airport is the closest international airport, which is approximately 170 kilometres away from Daman.

How can I go to Diu from Mumbai?

The recommended way to reach from Navi Mumbai to Diu is cab to Diu and takes 15h 42m. Cabs from Gozo etc. Cabs from Gozo etc. Buses from Shiv Shakti Travels UNA, Anukool Travels, Bharat Express etc.

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