Who brought samosa India?

Where did samosa and jalebi originate?

It was actually originated in the Iranian plateau, Sanbosag. Then, it eventually entered Indian cuisine via Central Asia. It’s an inseparable part of Indian desserts and was originated in Persian cuisine. This dessert was brought to India by the Mughal Empire.

Which country banned samosa?

Samosa is banned in Somalia. Heartbreaking. Isn’t it? According to many sources, the reason behind banning samosa is that the Al-Shabaab group in Somalia found samosa to be too western for their place.

What is Gobi Indian?

Aloo Gobi (or Gobhi) is a South Asian dish popular in both India and Pakistan. Aloo means potato and Gobi (also spelled Gobhi) means cauliflower. This dish has a prominent role in the movie Bend It Like Beckham. … Also, sometimes aloo gobi is made without the tomato.

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